PUBG announces “Fix PUBG”

PUBG left Early Access back in December on PC, yet the amusement is still not in an express that a few fans and engineer PUBG Corp. might want to see it in. The studio is putting a great deal of assets into showing signs of improvement put, it appears, one a player in that is another site called “Fix PUBG.”

Why that name? “This is an expression that we’ve been hearing a ton of late. Bugs, execution issues, and personal satisfaction issues have been restricting PUBG’s actual potential, and you need it settled,” peruses a line on the site. “So we believe it’s a great opportunity to make a move.”

Fix PUBG will be a “months-in length crusade” that will see PUBG Corp. refresh and enhance the diversion with fan-asked for highlights and the sky is the limit from there. The reason for the Fix PUBG site is to offer a level of straightforwardness so fans comprehend the what, why, and when, all things considered,

The battle is set to keep running from August through October, however PUBG Corp. focused on that it will dependably be investigating how it can extend and enhance PUBG after some time.

The site flaunts a guide of changes for things like customer execution, server execution, against cheat, matchmaking, bug fixes, and personal satisfaction issues, alongside particular courses of events for when those issues will be tended to in the August-October time frame.

Go to the Fix PUBG site to take in more.

While PUBG’s profile and notoriety may have fallen as of late due to a limited extent to the immense spike of enthusiasm for Fortnite, it remains enormously prominent. The amusement had a pinnacle simultaneous player figure of in excess of 1.1 million today, which is twofold the following most noteworthy diversion.

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