Below you will find our store policies regarding discounts and our gaming areas, as well as general policies meant to keep everyone's experience at Ravenblood Games comfortable and enjoyable.  We would appreciate compliance with these policies from all our patrons.



DISCOUNTS:  At Ravenblood Games, you will never pay retail price for any purchase.  In addition to our already low pricing, we offer a few discount programs.
  • Police, Fire, and Military Discount:  Present your current official identification to receive 10% off any purchase whether in-store or special order.
  • Frequent Buyer Discount:  In order to qualify for this discount, you must enroll in our Frequent Buyer's Club.  Enrollment is free.  Cumulative purchases throughout the calendar year will increase the discount tier accordingly (1% for $100-$199, 2% for 200-$299, and so on).

GAMING AREAS:  We have two gaming rooms that are available on a reserved basis.  The rooms are available for use at anytime during store hours.  The larger room can accommodate 8-10 people, and the smaller is suitable for 4-6 players.  All scheduling must be done through store management.   These rooms are for everyone's enjoyment, therefore any abuse of the facilities will not be tolerated.

STORE POLICIES:  These policies are in effect for the benefit of everyone, and therefore apply to everyone.

  • No alcohol may be consumed anywhere on the premises.  This includes the area outside the store.
  • No smoking is permitted inside the store.  Smokers who wish to indulge outside are asked to avoid the area directly in front of the door, as a consideration to patrons inside.
  • No wagering of real currency is permitted.  This does not include prize funds for tournaments or leagues.
  • No violent or discourteous behavior will be tolerated.  This includes the gaming areas.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times, however no footwear that employs wheels of any kind (rollerblades, heelys, etc) is permitted in the store.





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